Owning a steam shower can add with regard to the overall value of any home. It can also cause you to the talk belonging to the neighborhood and drive your neighborhood crazy with jealousy. There are many health benefits linked to using a shower steam bath as well. Imagine having a place away through the rest from the world to relax from your troubles as well as your cares. These tubs are also good as a form of pain management. Rather than popping a pill every time which you experience pain, you may hop in your whirlpool instead. Those who are suffering from chronic stress can find that twenty minutes each day spent in their whirlpool can do wonders with their amounts of stress. If chronic amounts of stress go untreated, they may be able cause serious health problems later on down the road which you could have easily avoided. Please do not delay in finding out what a whirlpool can do just for you as well as your family.

The many benefits of a Steam Shower Bath

Using a steam shower is generally a relaxing experience which you can relish in. You may rush home at the end from the day in order to get for your personal steam shower, however you sure are not in every rush to get out. A steam shower can help those who suffer from chronic amounts of stress. Stress can cause some serious health related issues if not addressed right away. What better what we should take proper care of yourself than with a little pamper time in your steam shower? You deserve a small amount of time away from it all. Your steam shower could end up being the place where both you and your spouse meet up following the kids have went to bed to keep in mind why it is you fell in love. There are incredibly lots of uses which you could be enjoying. There is no reason in delaying looking for more info about locations to find a steam shower of your dreams. Need More Details? Contact US.

What Features Should Your Steam Shower Have?

Every steam shower is unique in its own way. Manufacturers see to it that their model is different from those of others. It might not be different totally in functions however it does sometimes differ in design or price. When choosing a steam shower, one should always consider features. It is much more expensive to buy a shower and after that add accessories later on. It is much better to buy a package that includes everything you would need to make sure you try not to have to spend later on. One feature that should be included in the shower you purchase is an electronic steam time and temperature control. This particular a huge assist in monitoring your steam session. Firstly, the panel will tell you how hot it is. You can actually place it to regulate the temperature at a value of your choice. Also, you may place it to turn off the steam at a set number of minutes. This helps a person never to overdo the session. See this Related Site.

Safety and Service when It Comes to Buying Steam Shower

Steam shower is a big investment for anyone. This might be why for those who want to buy one you ought to make sure that you are buying only the best with regards to the quality and the service that the maker will offer. It is very important you know the background of all of the company where your shower will come from. Buying from auction sites may not be a beneficial idea most likely. Even though you save a good deal from there are still downfall to it and another of which is after you purchase the item there are plenty of defects in the item as well as the seller will likely to be nowhere to be found. After you are buying one, you need to make sure that you are doing business with a reliable company that will give you a warranty for the item that you purchase to them, in like that you will have your peace of mind.


1. Required Space

This is the biggest consideration for you due to the way a steam shower is built, there must be enough room available in the bathroom to access the unit from all sides; this is due to the fixings behind the unit. There must be enough room for the installer (at least 40cm maneuverability on all sides) and then you should also leave 10-15cm above for plumbing the overhead soaker and to allow for extraction and ventilation. Always check the dimensions and double check them before ordering.

The flooring used must 100% be level and completely smooth. Tongue and grooved floorboards, carpet and vinyl’s are not recommended as they will not allow the cabin to be moved freely over the surface which is required for assembly and possible service access at later times. See this aqualusso shower or Contact Us.

If you the installation is on ground level on a solid floor, you need to be sure that shower will have good drainage to allow the water to flow away, it maybe nessessary to have the shower build on additional platform to create this which will add to the overall height.

2. Water Requirements

Your shower cabin requires a separate hot and cold water supply of between 1 -3 bar of pressure. The water pressures MUST be balanced (the same pressure on both supplies). Failure to have balanced water pressures may result in damage to the Thermostatic Cartridge, a pressure equalising valve should be fitted

Any pipe work should be installed flush into the wall to allow the cabin to sit back against the profile of the wall without obstruction. The connections for the water are at the rear of the cabin at a location corresponding into the control panel. The hot and cold water pipe work should be finished between 100 - 150 cm from the floor with 15mm compression fittings. For low level tray and corner units pipes should be installed tight into the corner as the units have an apex recess behind the centre control panel. With the exception of whirlpool units where pipe location is not so exact and in most cases anywhere below the bath should be fine.

Most Steam Showers and Whirlpool baths are able to operate from:

1. Combi Boilers

2. Pressurised Pumps

3. Pressurised Cylinders/Megaflow Systems

Where the water supply is gravity fed or the pressure is  not adequate

This will almost certainly mean that you will need to install a pump


3. Electric Supply

Most steam showers work from a single power supply this is unless the unit is a large whirlpool unit then in most cases you'll require 2 supplies. To keep in line with the rules and laws regarding water and electrics in the bathroom, this connection must be made via a fused spur connection and be switched outside the bathroom

All electrical work MUST be carried out by a qualified registered electrician and in accordance with current regulations, Failure to adhere to these regulations may cause serious injury, even death, it may also be illegal.


You have finally decided after weighing things up to buy a steam shower cabin. With steam shower now being one of the most desirable items in the bathroom there is today numerous manufacturer on the market trying to convince you to buy there goods. But with each of this manufacturers come the claim that they are the original, the biggest and best, but how do you know?? See this walk in showers.

Question one

How long is the warranty for the unit, what does it cover and who covers it??

Read the small print. Questions like these you have to get to the bottom of. Many companies try to fob you off with a 12 month warranty which is not the best. You would expect a cheap toaster from walmart costing a few dollars or pounds to last 12 months, but I'm spending thousands on a steam shower unit, and not a toaster so do I really fancy it going wrong after 13 months, 18 months or even 24 months??

In reality a 5 year warranty is what you need to be looking for. This is not to say that the shower will only last this long, But it does reflect a little on the quality of the items and the faith the manufacture has in its reliability.

Which leads us to Question 2

How long has the company been in the steam shower business

Theres will always be a younger faster model of you in the wings looking at you thinking I want what he has and maybe he will work that extra bit to get it. But you've been there seen it and have got the t-shirt and the same could be said for your shower company. Its probably a good assumption to think that a company that has been around for many years has resolved and fine tuned more issues than anyone thats new to the game and that also they have stood the test of time for a reason. Can you image even if you did get a five year warranty with the unit that when you did come to make a claim these was no company there to make it to!!

Question 3, 4, 5 and 6

Ask everything and expect an answer. Its reasonable to expect a good company that is invested with its products, and with this its reasonable to expect that even the phone operative which ever one you get should be able to get an answer to all of even your most technical questions.

If a company cannot help you in the first instance, can they help you when your having a real issue?

The big 3 companies are Aqualusso, Insignia and Aquaplus and you cant really go wrong if you can find a company that sells these products. Thats not to say you cannot find a good shower from else where, but outside of these big 3 you should really be looking to do your homework first View this blog.


Steam shower cabins much like the bathrooms that they will be situated in come in numerous different sizes, shapes and designs. As a consequence of customer criteria and the manufactures desire to become the leader in the field, its now unthinkable not to obtain a steam shower that will not flawlessly compliment your bathroom design and style. Want to see more steam shower? CLICK US.

Together with so much selection it may be a major task just to choose one of the hundreds in front of you, nonetheless 1 or 2 simple rules that it is vital that you follow really should slim down the field for you which enables you to make an easier choice.

The most important rule is:

"sizing of the shower and additionally the size of the workers stomach"

Crash at this point and the job has finished!! Its easy to evaluate that space left by the past bath or ripped out shower and believe, okay, so I desire a 1700mm steam shower to refill that 1700mm gap.....

This will never work!!!

As a steam shower cabin is a free standing unit with all its connections, screws and bolts located around the back. For the installation the installer will have to physically need to be able to get down at least one side of the shower or unit and around the back of the shower. In almost all case the shower unit is built full to completion then and only then is it pushed back into that gap and its final resting position. If you don't have this addition room it will be impossible to install your shower. See this steam room generators.

Another important rule is the height above the unit:

A steam shower will be giving off a lot of steam. So just as important as the room around it maybe the room above and also the materials above to avoid causing rot or damage in the bathroom. Many of the popular steam shower cabins come with a extractor fan but will you be ducting this straight outside??  A further fan nearby to pick up the steam soon as it leaves the cabin would be the next best thing, but do you have one of these?? So in this scenario it because a judgment call, the elements versus the environment and the the materials in the bathroom effected such as furniture.

Then the rule thats so obvious its easy to miss

Mini me Vs Supersize Me

Yep sound strange but it is true, one of the greatest benefits of a steam shower is that they are cost effective when doing a replacement for and old and out dated shower set up. Simply rip out the old, forget paying for tiles, a tiler and decoration, simply install a free standing steam shower in its place, simple. Well yeah, but be carefully here not to completely over do it by installing a monster of a unit in the middle of a tightly spaced ensuite and additionally be careful to fully study all sizes and drawings of units when buying. Because a units is advertised as a corner unit 900 x 900 this may not mean that its 900 across the back against the wall. The unit might be curved fronted so it could mean its 900mm to the most pertuding part of that curve and less across the wall. take a look at this steam rooms.

Rule is: Measure twice, do the job once


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